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We know that creating powerful presentations takes up your time and energy. That's why we've built a tool that handles this process for you.

Within seconds of providing the text you want included in your slide deck, SlideBot automatically designs for you a beautiful and unique presentation. Each slide is specifically tailored to your content and you are able to present it, edit it and export it right away.

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  • Customer Testimonials

    I don't know how they do it, but SlideBot's computer is more creative than I am. They turned one of the weakest slides in my TEDx presentation to one of the strongest – simultaneously hard hitting and humorous.

    Jon Turk TEDx Speaker,
  • Customer Testimonials

    Since I began using SlideBot, I’ve realised how much time I used to spend designing my own presentations. I am now able to allocate more time to working on the content itself.

    Jenny Anderson Principal Consultant
  • Customer Testimonials

    I’m delighted by how many photo options are found by the SlideBot system, which allows me to use the most appropriate images for my audience each time I present.

    Lynne Datnow Trainer & Psychologist
  • Customer Testimonials

    It’s like magic. My clients love instant slides, and I now can spend my time on higher value tasks. That means happier clients, and higher revenues. This is my product of 2016 for sure.

    Andrew Hollo Director, Workwell Consulting
  • Customer Testimonials

    I was really impressed by the quality of the slides that SlideBot found for me. The images were unique and captured exactly what I was trying to say. Fantastic!

    William Lancaster Lawyer,
  • Customer Testimonails

    SlideBot can mind-read! I’m a designer and I often want something that beautifully conveys concepts to my clients and SlideBot seems to know exactly what I want.

    Kate Challis Kate Challis Interiors

Once you learn how to maximise your presentation potential, you stand a much greater chance of leaving a lasting impression. I know SlideBot will help you to do that.